The rest window cleaners working in Fulham

Today I saw some window cleaner who worked around Fulham. What to say about him…?

Very poor and without any special equipment for window cleaning he just handled some diy aluminium pole and squeegee with him trying to clean windows on 1st floor of standard 3 bedroom house.

Can you imagine how he reach and clean the windows, frames and corners with just squeegee and some very dirty wipe. I can’t believe that these guys have customers that are happy with the quality. Maybe the price is to low for their clients and maybe the home owners don’t require good quality.

Anyway every window cleaner need to earn some money, but I think thus is not the point of the window cleaning business in United Kingdom.

Kind regards and see you soon.



Interior window cleaning for the heavy rain days

Hope  you are fine :)

Some  days are good  some days you just stay wet, yes all happen because of the weather… yes the London weather. This was the funny part of my short post today.

Any way just to let you know that when is heavy rain outside is better that the window cleaner to clean only the interior windows of your house or flat.

it’s a double work but specially when the window cleaner have to bring all window cleaning equipment 2 times and when the customer have to find another free time slot.

We have solution especially when there is a easy access to the back of your house. The cleaner just return on the next available  day and clean the windows without the need to be there at the property.

In other post I will give you the smart tip about this.

Reach And Wash Window Cleaning Fulham London

Have the days of traditional window cleaning gone?

How it works:
Dirt on the windows is agitated with a soft bristled brush and then rinsed away with extremely pure water. This can be done from the safety of the ground by pumping the water up a long pole. You may find it surprising to see that the windows are left wet to dry naturally. Being pure, the water does not leave mineral deposits as it dries as normal tap water would. Instead windows are left sparkling clean with none of the streaks that occasionally even the best window cleaner with a squeegee may leave behind. The results are very impressive.

Why we decided to use Reach & Wash Window Cleaning in Fulham.

We are sure you agree that it makes good sense to avoid working at height if it is possible and practical to do so. Especially since the introduction of new health and safety regulations governing work at height, we feel that it is the right time to adopt these safer working practices.
(See: )

You will no doubt be pleased with the improved service since some of the other advantages of this system include:

  • Framework can easily be cleaned each time that the windows are cleaned.*
  • Reduced disturbance and increased privacy.
  • Most previously inaccessible windows can now be cleaned.
  • No chemicals are used in the glass cleaning process.

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Window Cleaning Fulham

What means reliable window cleaner?

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog for window cleaning in Fulham South West London.

My experience showed that it’s really  very hard to find the right window cleaner and to open your home for him without any worries. Yes it’s difficult and maybe you have  had bad experience as well . The main reason to write this post is because I like to give an example how we need to find the right person to do our regular window cleaning including the internal windows and to stop the worries about him.

Window Cleaner in Fulham?

Firstly how did you try to find someone?

Maybe you looking in the local newspaper or some leaflets.

Maybe you will ask some of your friends who still using the window cleaning service from someone.

Or maybe you don’t have enough time and just tried to type in google “Window Cleaners Fulham” and the top 10 results are in front of you. But how these window cleaning providers are the best and how you will select the top one for your requirements. Some of them paid really expensive advertising  to be on first page of google. Today I can’t tell you all the importent keys to take the right decision, but definitely I will know one think which is: “not every time the very top position in the search engines of the window cleaning companies will be the best choice“, but  of course you can call to few local companies to compare the prices and what they offer you. 

In the next post I will give you another key to success about the reliable window cleaner in Fulham.

window cleaning fulham

The best view from my window in the mountain

Hello everyone, today I will share with you one beautiful photo from Eastern Europe just to show you what is the weather there and how one of my friends have a rest in the bulgarian nature. Yes he is there at the moment with his family relaxing few days. Ooo dear I want to be with him now, however you can enjoy with the photo this morning when you drink your coffee or tea. Have a wonderful day and don’t forget to call us if you need your windows cleaned professional in Fulham area. For a brilliant view of your windows and good start of the day we definitely can boost your happiness with clean windows in Fulham.


Window cleaning by the winter?

Window cleaning by the winter and all about you should have to known. I think the window cleaning business can’t just stop for the winter and to rest like a “bear in the winter dream”. More of the customers want their windows washed all the time in the year. They just can’t wait until the spring time comming.

This is the post which inform you what you can expect from your window cleaner in Fulham Area South West London. A lot of the window cleaners use traditional window cleaning and this is not good idea for cold and wet weather and absolutely bad in snowed terrain.

More About Winter Window Cleaning Fulham

Why you should to avoid window cleaners who using ladder to clean your windows in the winter period?

The answer is simply.  Wet and cold weather keep the ladder unstable to the ground.  Especially in snow is extremely dangerous to clean windows by traditional method.

Be sure that your window cleaner will clean the windows carefully and safety. Any time you can call to me and I will arrange professional window cleaner for your residential or commercial property.

Poor Window Cleaners in Fulham London

Please NO MORE Poor Window Cleaners in Fulham Area

Are you expecting your window cleaner to come this morning or maybe this afternoon?

There is some kind of window cleaners which do not come to clean the windows as usual, isn’t it?

Why these guys are not so reliable when they told you there are the best in Fulham area. The simple answer is they want to make some pocket money from time to time and they just canvasing some neighborhood and then do window cleaning of the booked properties until guess what…? until they earn enough money for few weeks just to go at pub and blow their mind. Yes this is the simply true.

This happening so regular and the problem is that when some realy reliable window cleaner come to your door you just skip their offer most of the time.

OK and now what? How to check the window cleaner reliability and honesty?

You can’t do this completely if you don’t try the cleaning  service with him.

I will write more of this topic soon so please keep regularly  my updates.

Have a great day!

Professional Window Cleaners in Fulham SW6