Window Cleaning Prices Fulham

How accurate are the prices for your window cleaning service in Fulham?

Do you know that many window cleaning companies or just cleaners Fulham SW6 area of London are not really based in here. Every think look like they are hard working in Fulham but just few companies provide local window cleaners and that is the main reason  to give a  competitive prices for window cleaning.

Window Cleaning Prices Fulham

OK every people who used window cleaning service before know that especially for one off cleans the minimum charge applies varies between £45.00 and £55.00 and some times excluding VAT charges but of course this is not enough if your property is large then one or two bedroom house/flat so that means the price just start from let say £50.00 and reaches £160.00 and more.

Simple fact is the most companies give you highest price to ensure that when the window cleaners arrive to the property and face unexpected condition they are covered by the price anyway.

This is good but in most case the customers are overcharged and if the cleaners are not local  you don’t know but the travel expenses are covered by you.

So can you imagine what price sometimes you paid for 2 bedroom house?

If you don’t have conservatory and some big sky lights are you gone a pay £80.00 excluding VAT in most cases? I think the most comparative price is little bit lower and no need to be VAT charged for the domestic customers.

The real price is maximum up to £60.00 in total for interior and exterior windows to be washed and only the parking will need to be paid like extra charge which in Fulham SW6 varies from £2.20 to £3.00 per hour.

I will continuing to give you examples about the window cleaning prices in Fulham | South West London area in next post.

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