Reach And Wash Window Cleaning Fulham London

Have the days of traditional window cleaning gone?

How it works:
Dirt on the windows is agitated with a soft bristled brush and then rinsed away with extremely pure water. This can be done from the safety of the ground by pumping the water up a long pole. You may find it surprising to see that the windows are left wet to dry naturally. Being pure, the water does not leave mineral deposits as it dries as normal tap water would. Instead windows are left sparkling clean with none of the streaks that occasionally even the best window cleaner with a squeegee may leave behind. The results are very impressive.

Why we decided to use Reach & Wash Window Cleaning in Fulham.

We are sure you agree that it makes good sense to avoid working at height if it is possible and practical to do so. Especially since the introduction of new health and safety regulations governing work at height, we feel that it is the right time to adopt these safer working practices.
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You will no doubt be pleased with the improved service since some of the other advantages of this system include:

  • Framework can easily be cleaned each time that the windows are cleaned.*
  • Reduced disturbance and increased privacy.
  • Most previously inaccessible windows can now be cleaned.
  • No chemicals are used in the glass cleaning process.

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