Poor Window Cleaners in Fulham London

Please NO MORE Poor Window Cleaners in Fulham Area

Are you expecting your window cleaner to come this morning or maybe this afternoon?

There is some kind of window cleaners which do not come to clean the windows as usual, isn’t it?

Why these guys are not so reliable when they told you there are the best in Fulham area. The simple answer is they want to make some pocket money from time to time and they just canvasing some neighborhood and then do window cleaning of the booked properties until guess what…? until they earn enough money for few weeks just to go at pub and blow their mind. Yes this is the simply true.

This happening so regular and the problem is that when some realy reliable window cleaner come to your door you just skip their offer most of the time.

OK and now what? How to check the window cleaner reliability and honesty?

You can’t do this completely if you don’t try the cleaning  service with him.

I will write more of this topic soon so please keep regularly  my updates.

Have a great day!